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St. Andrew's is organized under the Constitution of the PC(USA), with a Session of Elders and a Board of Deacons, as well as a Nominating Committee.


Class of 2015 Class of 2016
Candace Baird Andrea Bain
Emerson Parker James Snell
Emile Tucker Jan Talbott
Ray Tucker

The officers of the Session are:

Moderator:  Rev. Lynn Simpson

Clerk:  Elder Emerson Parker

Treasurer:  Elder Candace Baird

President of Corporation Trustees:  Elder Ray Tucker

Board of Deacons

Class of 2014 Class of 2015
Diana Henderson Maurna Snell
Valerie Parker
Lance Talbott

The officers of the Board of Deacons are:

Moderator:    Diana Henderson

Secretary:    Valerie Parker

Treasurer:    Mari Turley

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