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Sunday Worship

9:15 a.m. - Sunday School for all ages
10:30 a.m. - Worship Service (child care is provided)
11:30 a.m. - Coffee & Fellowship

During the service, we use the New Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible (published by Zondervan) and The Presbyterian Hymnal (published by Westminster/John Knox Press).


The Lord's Supper is celebrated during our worship service on the first Sunday of each month.  All professing Christians are invited to share in Communion.

Following the Worship on the first Sunday, we have a fellowship potluck luncheon.

Following the "Time with Children" in the Worship Service, the children may attend a "Children's Church".

For those children who wish to remain in the church service with their parents, there are themed "Pew Packs" available.

Theater of Worship

We gather for worship in the attitude which Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard described as the "Theater of Worship."  We come as members of a theatrical troupe, some of us as stage hands, some of us as prompters, and the rest as actors. If you’ve ever been part of a play before, you know what happens.

The stage hands arrange everything in its proper place, and make certain it is all in good working order. (If one of the props is out of place, it could jeopardize the entire production.)

The wardrobe assistants see that everyone is dressed properly.

The prompters position themselves close to the action.

Any singers tune up their voices

The cast gathers together in the Green Room, focused on their roles.

Then the Director enters the room, reminding them of the last-minute things they need to know

Just before the curtain goes up, they offer words of encouragement to each other

Each Sunday, our tone of our worship resembles that of a production.

The "Stage Crew" gets things ready (making certain there is oil in the candles and the paraments and the offering plates are the proper color) and checks in the cast (welcoming those who come to worship that day, giving all of them a "Script" which tells them when their part comes in).

The "Actors" gather in the Sanctuary, review their script and focus on their roles.

The "Supporting Cast" warms up in the Choir Room, going over their anthem one more time.

The "Prompters" take their places. (The pastors take their seats; the director reminds the cast of the last-minute things they need to know and urges them to offer words of encouragement to each other to set the tone for a great performance.; the organist begins the Prelude, alerting both the troupe and the audience that the performance is about to begin.)

The "Curtain goes up" (The Acolyte lights the candles.)

From that moment on, everything that happens in this "Theater of Worship" is addressed to God, the Divine Audience.  After worship we will have a "Cast Party" in the Fellowship Hall, where another part of the "Stage Crew" has prepared coffee and cookies.  We can be more relaxed at the "Cast Party," get better acquainted, and ask each other "What do you suppose God thought of our worship today?  Do you think we’re up for an Oscar?"

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